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Trauma in our children

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Trauma in Our Children

Traumatic events happen to everyone. Trauma in children needs to be treated when it becomes a hindrance to everyday functioning. When a person is unable to complete everyday tasks because of trauma, they may need to seek the help of mental health and medical professionals.

Parenting a Child with Trauma

  • Know your limits. Trauma events may require professional treatment. Use Effective Communication to begin talking about unwanted behaviors, working through issues, and building positive relationships.
  • Communication about traumatic events can be difficult for a child. Allow your child to share as much information as they are willing to share and do not pressure them to talk more, although you may be curious.
  • Talking about traumatic events can trigger some negative reactions from your child. Be aware and stop if this becomes too difficult.
  • Be patient and understand that behaviors may manifest because they are unable to deal with traumatic events.
  • Remain calm and be consistent when correcting behaviors. A calm and predictable environment is helpful for children who suffer from trauma.
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Lesson 9: Trauma


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