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How to help a child with ADHD

How to help a child with ADHD

Children, teenagers, and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have trouble concentrating. Considered a mental disorder, ADHD has various symptoms and varying degrees of severity but can be effectively managed through early intervention.

Helping kids stay on task

Helping kids stay on task

Helping kids stay on task comes in a lot of different forms and for different reasons, which affects what tools you use. Each child is different too in their ability to stay on task. The ability to pay attention depends on their age as well as what focus time has been...

Dealing with ADHD defiance

If you’re a parent dealing with ADHD defiance it can be overwhelming and isolating as you feel you are constantly dealing with anger management issues. Defiance is open resistance to rules and instructions. ADHD defiance can be especially difficult as some symptoms of ADHD reinforce defiant behavior. ADHD symptoms that exacerbate defiance include high energy, impulsiveness, forgetfulness, and disorganization. Even with an ADHD diagnosis, it’s essential to remember why children act out. […]

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