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We have helped hundreds of thousands of families with ADHD children. Our team is here and ready to help you on your parenting journey.

We have for you an amazing coach, Siope Kinikini who is 8 times certified in the Family Teaching Model and has over 15 years of coaching experience.

In addition, our team is supporting the Club with exclusive members-only content (don’t worry, everything that is free on our website will remain free!). Check it out!

He will help you find the solutions that you are looking for with your child.  

Allow Smarter Parenting the opportunity to change your world!  Are you ready to see a difference in your family?

Sharpen your parenting skills

Begin here. Learn our approach and the skills that have changed the lives of families around the world.

ADHD Parenting Podcast

Learn with ADHD parenting coach Siope Kinkini, and become a better parent for your child with ADHD.

Become a champion

Support us and help families around the world. Learn more about our mission and programs.

The Teaching-Family Model & Smarter Parenting

We are a nonprofit organization, a division of Utah Youth Village, which exists to heal and elevate lives using the proven methods of the Teaching-Family Model.

The Teaching-Family Model is a tried and true behavioral model, based in extensive research. The Model will give you the parenting skills you need to succeed, strengthening your relationship with your child.

Did you know that Smarter Parenting…

smart parenting


Smarter Parenting works with caregivers to help underprivileged children


Smarter Parenting works with pediatricians to provide training.

smart parenting


Smarter Parenting works to provide behavior support for refugee families


Smarter Parenting reaches families around the world

smarter parenting


Smarter Parenting is​ creating more video skills online lessons

smarter parenting


Smarter Parenting collaborates with various agencies to help families

Simple and short video lessons

Take a few minutes, change your child forever

The ABC’s of Behavior

Start here. Learn the fundamentals of child behavior. Easy as A-B-C.

Observe and Describe

A foundational skill that helps establish consistency.


Role-playing is a vital component of learning any new skill.

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