Suggestions for parents looking to Correct Behavior Issues with their child

Continue to practice this skill until it becomes second nature. Practice it every time you see a behavior that needs to be corrected.

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When correcting behavioral issues, be calm and patient. Your reaction will set the mood for how your child will react to learning new ways to behave.

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You can also show empathy by telling your child this is a new skill for you to learn and that you both have to work on getting it right.

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Be sure to work through the “Finding a Meaningful Reason” worksheet. This will help you determine what to do in step 6 of this skill. This is very important.

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Expect some mistakes during the practice. This is normal. Work through them.

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Children are more likely to make lasting corrections to their behaviors if they feel comfortable in your relationship. Nobody likes harsh criticism, including children. When you approach it calmly and focus on what could have been better, they will likely be open and vulnerable to learning.