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5 movies parents grew up with that they should share with their kids

5 movies parents grew up with that they should share with their kids

Most parents will know the importance of today. October 21, 2015, is the day Marty McFly traveled through time (from 1985) to save his teenage son from making a mistake. It’s a big day in pop culture. In celebration of the movie and Marty McFly’s trip to the future, I look back at 5 movies I think parents should share with their children.

Movies are used to entertain us, teach us lessons and connect us to our humanity. The following movies have great stories, are entertaining and teach lessons. I could have included so many other movies, but I narrowed it down using the following system.

Here are the criteria I used to pick these films:

  • Movies from made from 1985 until the year 2000. (Only because most children will have seen movies made during the past 15 years.)
  • Movies that were made for children ages 8 – 18.
  • Single movies and not a series.
  • Excluded Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks Animated movies. Let’s face it, these all deserve their own lists.

Watch one of these with your family this weekend. If you do, be sure to use Preventive Teaching to prepare them for awesomeness they are going to witness.

Back to the Future I

An adventure through time that has a lot of heart. Show this to your kids to remind them that parents were once young and that science is cool. Added bonus is introducing them to the classic song, “Johnny B. Good” at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

The Princess Bride

A fairytale filled with humor, suspense and swordplay. A true classic with movie quotes your children will say for the rest of their lives. Invite them into the pop culture community by showing them this classic. Plus, it will teach them how to deal with a Sicilian when death is on the line.

The Sandlot

This is a story of friendship. It is a story of bonding. It is a story of community. One additional bonus is it will teach your child how to win a name-calling contest.


Who can deny the power of a young girl overcoming obstacles and changing the world? Especially when confronted by the intimidating Trunchbull. It’s a modern day parable which great life lessons.

The Iron Giant

This is probably the most underrated movie on the list. It is a movie that has stood the test of time. A touching animated movie about a boy and a robot. A must see for any child.

Did I leave off your favorite movie? What would you recommend? Let us know.