Family love note challenge

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Family love note challenge

Are you up for a challenge? How about one that will make your family life better?

During college, my friends and I would heart attack our friends and neighbors. We’d leave notes like, “You’re a stud muffin,” and “Hello cutie” on the door and hope they wouldn’t know we were the ones behind the attacks. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed. And there were one or two times we were caught red-handed. Ooops. When we were successful in our attacks we inevitably be privy to friends and neighbor’s speculation of who the heart attackers were (sometimes they thought it was us, sometimes not) and their thankfulness of how those silly notes brightened their day and made them feel loved.

We love our kids, our spouses, our siblings, but, we don’t always do a good job of telling them. On Valentine’s day we may make an extra effort to tell them we love them. Which is all fine and dandy and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make that effort, make that effort. What I am saying is that our kids, spouse, siblings, etc.though need to hear “I love you” more than once a year—-they need to hear those words every day.

On my bedroom wall is one such note written by my 11-year-old brother at Valentines. The note reads: Roses are red, violets are blue, I trust you and love you too.” I’ve kept it on my wall as a reminder of a strength he saw in me—trust—and to makes sure I don’t do anything that would ever make him, or anyone else question that trust.

There are many reasons we love our kids. We love them because they make us laugh, they are kind to others, or they are obedient or curious. Remembering to tell our children that specific why we love them is hard between the shuttling them to school and soccer practice and doing the mountains of laundry. And don’t they just know that mountains of laundry=loves? Actually they don’t.

Ready for you challenge? The Family Love Note Challenge is a month long challenge to let our children know the specific reason we love them. Simple enough. Yet, simple can be hard. How do you come up with something new and specific you love about each of your children/spouse every single day? These family love note prompts will allow you to give your children very specific reasons you love them. The more specific you can be the better as it helps your child learn to know what makes you proud and what their strengths are.


How and where you share these notes is up to you. The options are endless. Some of our favorite.

  • Notes in the lunch box or backpack
  • Under the pillow
  • On the bedroom door, bathroom mirror, or fridge
  • Reading them around the dinner table
  • Sending them in the mail (this is great for grandparents or siblings that live far away)

Don’t forget to get the kids involved. We know that mom and dad have to love us, so, there’s something extra special about receiving a note from an older brother or a younger sister. Who knows. They may end up on their wall for years to come.

Directions on how to use are simple: Print file. Cut out according to template. Write your love note. Easy peasy.

If you’ve got more than one person your writing notes for, assign them a different color. White for the hubby, pink for the oldest, red for the youngest, and the middle gets fuchsia.



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