You CAN master the skills

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You CAN master the skills

Hi friends! We’re glad you’ve come to Smarter Parenting in your quest to be a better parent.

We’re parents just like you so we know that this parenting thing isn’t easy and there is no magic formula for perfect kids and perfect days. There are things you can do to have great kids and great days. They’re called SKILLS and we can teach you them! (A little secret—perfection is kind of overrated.)

By now we hope you’ve watched a skills video. A common response we hear is that while you LOVE the skills, actually trying to do the skills seems overwhelming. You may have said to yourself, “This is too hard. There are too many steps. I’ll never be able to do this. This will NEVER work with my child.” Yes. You. Can!

And, yes it can work with your child.


We can’t say that enough. We’ve see hundreds of parents master these skills because they were willing to work days, weeks, and even months on them until the steps of the skills became second nature. Changing your parenting habits is just that—work and a lot of it at that. We promise that as you work on the skills it will become easier. There will be set backs and that’s ok. When it happens, cut yourself some slack and do better next time.

The skills on Smarter Parenting are not something you can master in a day. They were never meant to be. That’s why the work. Each step of the skill is important to the success of the overall skill. Picking and choosing which parts of the skill you want to do won’t give you the desired results. You kind of have to do them all.

The skills we teach on Smarter Parenting do work. And data backs up the skills of the Teaching Family Model. You can learn more about the Teaching-Family Model HERE.

When you don’t think you can do it on your own, come back here and drawn on the strength of those who have. Watch other parents, just like you, as they tell the struggles they faced in their families and how they found success.

Just remember we’ve got your back and we’re routing for your success!

These parents share their success stories. Hear how the skills changed their families. You can find these testimonials on our YouTube channel.



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