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Smarter Parenting was created to heal and elevate the lives of children and families around the world using the Teaching-Family Model.

Become a Champion today and help us heal and elevate the lives of children and families around the world.


Smarter Parenting helping those in need at home and worldwide

Some people would be surprised to learn Smarter Parenting is helping more than just families.

Smarter Parenting is reaching more than just parents and children. It is helping people around the world.

Watch these two examples of how Smarter Parenting is helping victims of human trafficking in Africa as well as the elderly in the United States.

We are helping people at home and throughout the world.

We need support to continue helping people around the world.

Since Smarter Parenting started in 2014, Google Analytics has reported that this website has been accessed by people on every continent. Although the majority of our visitors are from English speaking countries, the second largest group of visitors come from Spanish speaking countries. Smarter Parenting continues to grow and create videos, printable materials, and lessons for people around the world.

Your support is needed

We exist on donations, much like Wikipedia and other resourceful tools. Your support allows Smarter Parenting to remain free and available to everyone. All donations are helpful. For more information, read below in our FAQ section.

Make a donation and help us strengthen families around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need donations or support?

There are many reasons we need continued support but we will only list three here.

First is to continue to make this resource available to the world for free. For families with limited means, having a free resource like this is a true blessing. Website maintenance and management cost money. Second, we are working creating more lessons. The lessons contained on the website are only a portion of the skills from the Teaching-Family Model. We would like to include additional lessons on consequences, rewards, etc. Third, the cost of creating a lesson is expensive. It requires scripting, revisions, filming, editing, and animation. To create a single video may take several months from beginning to the finished product. Funds help us continue to add to the library of needed skills.

How can I help?

Your financial support is appreciated. Even a small donation can go a long way. Support can be made in the following ways.

  1. Make a recurring donation every month.
  2. Make a one-time donation.
  3. Dedicate a donation.
  4. Donate for a specific project like courses for ADHD, Autism, etc.

All donations are tax-deductible. You can donate online or by check. All donations will be marked as a donation to the “Utah Youth Village” for the Smarter Parenting program. Smarter Parenting is a division of the Utah Youth Village.

If you have more questions about donating, please send questions to [email protected].

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