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Effective Communication Crafts

Effective Communication Crafts

Effective Communication is at the core of strong relationships. Here are some ideas for activities to use to discuss the importance of Effective Communication and to practice how to use the steps to the skill.

You can reinforce the concepts of this skill by using the following activities and crafts. Click here to reference the Skill of Effective Communication.

Each of these activities we recommend printing out the Steps to Effective Communication for easy reference.

Group Drawing

Materials needed: paper, markers

Instructions: This first activity is a simple one. It is best when everyone is sitting at a large table. Everyone is to remain silent during the first part of this exercise. They cannot look at other peoples papers as well. Every must listen and follow your instructions. You give the following 4 instructions:

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw a triangle inside the circle
  3. Draw a square in the corner
  4. Sign your name on the paper

Have them show then show their papers and discuss how they differ. The point you want to emphasize is why everyone heard the same message and yet perceived things differently. Talk about the importance of Effective Communication. Review the skill by watching the video with them and printing out the steps on a paper everyone can see. Then do the same exercise but this time allow them to communicate with each other. This time, answer all the questions and have each person repeat what is being said. Be sure to follow each of the steps of the skill.



Materials needed: old magazines, newspapers, images, paper, glue, scissors, markers and paper.

Instructions: Create a collage with a theme. Some suggestions for themes may include doing something around your child’s personality, interests or feelings. When the child is done have your child explain what they have created and use the steps of the skill throughout the conversation. Practice using the steps. This is particularly helpful in working with teenage children to learn more about their thinking process and how they view themselves and the world around them. Using the steps will help increase the likelihood of establish a good pattern of communication between parent and child.


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