Ep #128: Neurodiversity and helping kids who learn differently

by | Mar 24, 2021 | ADHD, ADHD Podcasts, Podcasts

Neurodiversity is the belief that children with ADHD or Autism don’t have a learn disability. Instead they learn differently. Processing information differently does not make them stupid or bad. Understanding that they learn differently allows parents to empower their child.

By reframing your child’s diagnosis, we can frame their challenges as differences rather than deficits.

This is especially true when it comes to difficult behaviors. If you have had a hard time improving their behavior, it’s not because they’re inherently bad, but rather how you’re communicating with your child isn’t how they learn. The great news is that you can help them move beyond their negative behaviors to more positive behaviors using the Teaching-Family Model.

The Teaching-Family Model is powerful in changing behavior is that it incorporates different learning styles which sets a child up for success. It doesn’t matter if your child has ADHD or no diagnosis, all can find success when you use the skills of the Teaching-Family Model.

When parents continually teach, and reinforce, the skills taught on SmarterParenting.com, they are helping their child create new pathways in their brain. These new pathways will allow your child to perform the task on their own and to generalize what they have learned to other situations.

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