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#22: Mastering ADHD behavior skills

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Mastering ADHD behavior skills gives parents the tools they need to handle any behavior. Behavior intervention strategies are essential components of ADHD management and make your life easier. They will allow you to feel like you have control, no matter what comes your way.

When you have mastered the basics, you’re able to improvise and create solutions even if you’ve never been in that situation before.

In 1975, pianist Keith Jarrett arrived for a concert in Koln Germany. Instead of finding a concert piano for him to play, he found a practice piano that wasn’t working correctly and was out of tune. Jarrett stated he wouldn’t play on that instrument because of his limitations. After a lot of pleadings by the stage manager, he agreed to do the concert. Jarrett recorded the concert. At the end of the concert, he received a standing ovation. The album of the concert became one of the best-selling albums of that year.

He was successful because he not only knew the basics, but because he had mastered the basics. He knew the limitations of the piano and what he would need to do to overcome those limitations to create something incredible.

Having the basics down gives you power as it allows you to remain in control and not get flustered when things don’t like we expected or imagined.

Behavior skills are an essential part of your child’s ADHD treatment plan. Behavioral therapy for ADHD kids helps them learn to recognize and overcome their shortcomings in a way that allows them to create something incredible and successful. Much like Keith Jarrett was able to do in Koln.

SmarterParenting.com teaches behavior intervention strategies called behavior skills. Each skill taught in video lesson form. Watching the video isn’t enough to master the skill; the skill must be practiced and practiced often.

As busy parents, it can be hard to find time to learn new behavior. Even small investments will eventually have long-term payoffs when it comes to mastering ADHD behavior skills. There are multiple ways to integrate ADHD behavior skills in everyday life. You can practice in the car, or while you’re getting ready, or around the dinner table.

The goal with behavioral therapy for ADHD is to give you the tools so that you feel confident in handling anything that comes your way. Are they throwing a tantrum? Are they defiant? Those behaviors don’t scare you as you’ve got a toolbox full of tools that you feel confident in using.

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