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Round-Up Wednesday (August 19, 2015)

Round-Up Wednesday (August 19, 2015)

It seems that each week when I sit down to do my Round-Up Wednesday a theme emerges. I don’t know how it happens.

This week’s theme is brought to you by the letters B, T, S. aka Back To School where everything familiar is once again new. Where even if you’re walking into the same school it’s a new year, a new class, a new experience. And I kind of miss it. That anticipation of what you’re going to learn, what memories and experiences you’re going to have, and how you’re going to grow.

Today’s Round-Up takes things we’re familiar with and gives them a new twist. So in a way, it’s kind of like going Back To School where everything familiar is once again new.

My Heart Will Go On 50’s style

As a junior high girl this was the song dreams were made of. Just hearing it sent my normally level headed friends into a frenzy. Then it happened. That day when the song hit the overload threshold and went from being the it song to the please, don’t play it again song. Now, hearing I still have mixed emotions. I love that it transports me back to my junior high self, but, in all honesty, I can no longer listen to it all the way through. Until listening to Postmodern Jukebox’s 50’s inspired twist and that I like. Like kind of a lot.

Pop Culture Characters IRL

We get so used to separating our pop culture characters from the everything things we find see in real life. French photographer François Dourlen uses his iPhone to superimpose pop culture characters onto real-life things and it’s pretty entertaining. You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Death of LOL

Ok, not everything old becomes new again. In college I wrote my senior thesis on the evolution of language and it was interesting to see how words either disappeared or remained but gained a new language. Which meant that I found the reports of the death of LOL particularly fascinating. According to Facebook and The New Yorker a person’s use of the e-laugh LOL, haha, hehe, or the emoji, boils down to a combination of age and geography. While LOL was the onetime favorite of the 2000’s child, it’s the least favorite of the up-and-coming tech savvy generations who now prefer the laughing so hard I’m crying emoji. Then again, maybe not everything old deserves to become new again. Because as a once former 2000’s child who loved LOL, I’ve fully embraced the emoji.