Parenting Skills

The ABC’s of Behavior

Start strengthening your parenting skills here. Learn the fundamentals of child behavior. Easy as A-B-C.

Observe and Describe

Clarifying is the first step to changing behaviors. Doing it well is easy.


Role-playing is a vital component of learning any new skill.

Effective Communication

Strengthen your relationship through communication.

Effective Praise

Appropriately using praise increases your child’s good behaviors.

Preventive Teaching

Help your child know how to behave in any and every situation.

Following Instructions

Get your child to follow your instructions and avoid defiant behavior.

Correcting Behaviors

How to correct your child’s bad behaviors so they don’t happen with effective parenting skills. 

Decision Making (SODAS Method)

5 steps that will help your child make better decisions in any situation.

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Parenting Skills