Decision-making Methods (SODAS Method)

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Resources, Printables, and more

Find additional support to practice and teach Decision-making Methods at the resources link below.

Where to begin

Teaching your child a new skill can be difficult. Here are some steps and suggestions to help you when teaching your child this skill.

  1. Watch the lesson. We recommend you review it a few times so you are clear on the concepts of the steps.
  2. If appropriate, have your child watch the lesson as well.
  3. Print out the printable materials provided in the lower part of this page.
  4. Initially choose a situation that is fairly easy to resolve. After working through it, choose a harder situation. Evaluate your child’s ability to resolve the problem and work with them on completing each of the steps.
  5. Whenever a situation arises where your child needs to make a difficult decision, have them use this skill.

Suggestions for parents when teaching this skill

  • Work through the skill with your children but allow them to suggest Options, Disadvantages and Advantages.
  • Practice the Solution so your child knows how to do it and can determine if it was a good decision. Practice often.
  • Keep comments to yourself. Withhold your desire to interrupt and guide them with what you would do.
  • You may have to do multiple versions of Options, Disadvantages, and Advantages for one situation. That is alright. It allows your children to work through things.
  • Parents should demonstrate using the SODAS Method in front of their children when they have to make decisions. These decisions may include: disciplining, assigning chores and responsibilities in the home, what to have for dinner, where to go on vacation, what pet the family should get, etc. The skill of SODAS can be used for many different things.

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Parenting SkillsDecision-making Methods (SODAS Method)