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Specific diagnosis? We can help. Coming soon!

Specific diagnosis? We can help. Coming soon!

Has your child been diagnosed with a specific issue? Are you wondering if your child has a disorder?

Parents often wonder about specific issues like Autism, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, etc. They also wonder what treatment options are available and what resources are available for them.

Smarter Parenting is currently completing a section on the website related to various diagnosis. The information is geared to provide parents additional help. This section will be completed in March. Smarter Parenting would also like to network with parents who have dealt with any of these issues. Feel free to contact us if you and your child have had experiences with these issues.

Here we give you a sneak peek at this area.

New area of our website

Smarter Parenting is working on providing parents with a comprehensive guide on what they can do to address specific diagnosis. We will begin by covering the most common issues first and add additional topics in the future.

The issue specific diagnosis area of the Smarter Parenting website will look like this:

What does each diagnosis area contain?

The diagnosis area contains a video providing parents with very specific information about the diagnosis from a person in the the mental health and/or medical community. The video will also give parents with information on what to expect for treatment. Information in each page will discuss the diagnostic criteria used to determine each disorder, treatment options, behavioral skills that will be helpful and support. This information will be used to empower parents on how they can be actively engaged in helping their child.

Here is an example of what the Autism section of the website may look like.

Teaching-Family Model and diagnosis

The Teaching-Family Model has been used for years with children who have been diagnosed with various issues. The Teaching-Family Model was established by professionals working with children who were referred by the Juvenile Justice System. Watch the following video about the Teaching-Family Model to understand the history behind the power of these parenting skills.

We are hoping to provide parents with support and help by providing current information to help them make the best choice for treatment.

For more information or to help contribute information for this area, please contact us. We would love to collaborate especially if you have experience as a parent with any of these issues.

We are excited to share this section with you in the next few weeks. Register with us for more information on new items and updates.