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The Duchess of Cambridge is just like us

The Duchess of Cambridge is just like us

I never expected to write the words that the Duchess of Cambridge is just like me. For one thing my hair is no where as enviable as hers. But today, that changed. No, I didn’t get great hair. That would be a miracle.

Today was Prince George first day at preschool and to mark the occasion the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka William and Kate released a few snaps like any proud parent. The pictures of him are beyond adorable. We wouldn’t expect anything less. Prince George starting preschool is not why I think the Cambridge’s are just like us.

Picture from Kensington Royal Instagram account

It’s actually their Christmas card photo. This photo that made me realize the Duke and Duchess are just like every parent because little miss Charlotte has lost her shoe (you can see it there on the ground).

Image from Associate Press

With all their ability to get a perfect family photo, they instead choose send out a realistic one. And Hallelujah they did! How many times are we just lucky to get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera—let alone having them all smiling or with all their shoes? Sometimes the best we can hope for is that our picture isn’t a complete disaster.

Thanks Duchess for being so very, very real and showing us that’s ok—even if I’ll never have enviable hair.