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What is it about Star Wars that draws families together?

What is it about Star Wars that draws families together?

There are two types of people. Those who are so incredibly sick of Star Wars (and kind of wish it would go away already) and those that click on every Star Wars related story—especially if said stories involve babies in costumes. I fall into the later because my kids will be dressed in Star Wars costumes. Already I’m dreaming of little EwoksLukes and Leias.

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To say that I’m excited for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is an understatement. I’ve had my opening night Star Wars T-shirt and matching socks for months now. My boyfriend is seeing a whole new side of me as he didn’t know that matching T-shirts for movie premiers were a thing. But it totally is!

I don’t look like the typical Star Wars fan, but I’ve LOVED the movies as long as I can remember. In high school I had posters of Episodes IV (A New Hope),V (The Empire Strikes Back) ,VI (Return of the Jedi) on my walls and carried around my homework in Star Wars folders.

I was asked recently why I love Star Wars so much, and, truth be told, I’m not sure. It’s probably because Star Wars is associated with many good memories. It’s all those times my mom told me about the first time she saw Star Wars and turning around and getting back in line to see it again because it was that amazing. It’s countless hours spent as a family watching and—of course—quoting it. It’s being a high schooler and discussing every detail of episodes I,II, and III in class with friends. It’s standing in line to see the extended versions of versions of episodes IV (A New Hope),V (The Empire Strikes Back) ,VI (Return of the Jedi) and episodes I (The Phantom Menace)II (Attack of the Clones)III (Revenge of the Sith) and feeling this excitement and connection to people I wouldn’t normally associate with. It’s the fact that I can be the BEST. AUNT. EVER by giving my nieces and nephews Star Wars everything for Christmas. It’s the fact that it can bring my whole entire family together. My dad is just as excited about The Force Awakens as my siblings and nieces and nephews are.

But Star Wars is more than the hype and merchandise. When you boil it down, Star Wars is story about finding out who we are and whether or not we’ll give into the evil that’s around us/in us. Star Wars a story of family and how our family influences our decisions and our path. Star Wars is a story of learning to accept our strengths and weakness and to trust our instinct. Star Wars is a story that reminds us to rely on and be there for our friends. Star Wars is a story that teaches us that all decisions are not going to be black and white. That sometimes the hardest decisions are the ones that will have to be made when we see and understand both sides of the story. Star Wars is a story that teaches us to think outside the box when it comes to solutions to problems. Star Wars encourages us to both forge our own path and be part of the whole. Star Wars is a story about forgiveness. Star Wars is a saga that reminds us how important our choices are. I’ll say it again. Star Wars is about family and whether our actions will make them proud.

Any story that can inspires us to do/be, I can get behind. If that means wearing my geekiness proudly I will. One day I will introduce my kids to Star Wars. There will be matching T-shirts and movie marathons. But mostly, I’ll remind them that loving Star Wars is a family affair and part of their heritage.