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What would we do without Dad? Happy Father’s Day

What would we do without Dad? Happy Father’s Day

Thanks dad. Often you’re the unsung hero in the background though we couldn’t imagine life without you teaching us to catch a ball, to drive, to cook, to be adventurous, and the all important life lesson of how to change our flat tire. You were our first hero and set the standard for all the men in our lives. We didn’t always understand the sacrifices you made to be our concerts and sporting teams, but we do now. Thanks for always trying to fix everything (whether we wanted you to or not) and reminding us that when disappointment came things would get better.


It all changes when you get that news. That confirmation that things will never be the same. That sleepless nights, lot of worry, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, your fair share laughter, and quite possibly a mini van will be the new norm. This video from Dove captures that moment when men find out they’re going to be dad’s—the joy that they experience reminds you that being a father really is magical.


Every once in awhile, a company gets it right on and Cheerios did it with their #HowToDad commercials. They showed how awesome fatherhood is—warts and all—and you immediately wanted to become part of the “cool kid club.” #HowToDad for the win because being a Dad is Awesome.


Whomever says that dad’s don’t have a sense of humor, haven’t watched Will Reid’s Teenage Instructional Videos. When his kids weren’t doing the chores, he decided to “speak” their language and create a series of how to videos for the simplest of tasks: changing the toilet paper roll, loading the dishwasher, hanging up the towels. Yes, they are tongue-in-check. That doesn’t mean that dads don’t teach us. They do, all the time. Whether it’s how to set up a tent, how to build the best race car, what our civic duty is, or how to serve without complaining. Thanks for the lessons.


As a parent it’s easier to think that those unglamorous tasks-washing dishes, cooking meals, being a chauffeur goes unnoticed by our children. They don’t. We understand that, you may not be good at telling us how you feel, but those simple acts do speak volumes as to how much you love us and believe in us. We love you dad!