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Using Effective Positive Rewards as a parent

Parents want their children to be well behaved. One of the quickest ways to increase a child’s positive behaviors and decrease their negative behavior is by using Effective Positive Rewards. Positive reinforcements are a game-changer in improving behavior and family dynamics.

We all want to be recognized for the good things we are doing. Children are no different. They crave the approval of adults as it helps them figure out the world around them. 

When children are young, we tend to reward them frequently for their positive behavior. They earn a reward when they take their first step or go put away their toys. We tent to reward them less freaquently as they grow as that behavior becomes the expectation. 

Children want to be noticed for what they are doing well and will continue that positive behavior to receive that recognition. Rewarding your child for their positive behavior encourages them to continue that behavior. 

A reward does not have to be monetary. In fact, extra time with mom and dad, friends, or electric devices can be very motivating for a child. The goal is to figure out what types of rewards means something to your child. 

What is motivating will be different for each child. Watch what how they spend their free time or their money on as those will be the things that are important to them.

Here is what parents should do when learning the skill of Effective Positive Rewards

  1. Watch the Effective Positive Rewards skills video and become familiar with the five components.
  2. Print out the steps of Effective Positive Rewards. Place it somewhere you’ll see it often.
  3. During a neutral time, use the steps of Effective Communication to talk about the skill of Effective Positive Rewards with your child. Then show them the Effective Positive Rewards skills video. Use the Effective Positive Rewards worksheet to discuss appropriate rewards for specific good behavior.
  4. Give the agreed upon reward for positive behavior. Start with rewarding only one behavior or two behaviors to make sure your being consistent. It can be challenging. Don’t give up!

Suggestions for parents when using Effective Positive Rewards

  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations. When a child does something well (especially if it’s the first time doing the correct behavior), it can be easy to want to give them a massive reward. Don’t! It sets up expecations that arent sustainable.
  • Start by addressing rerwarding one or two positive negative behavior. It’s hard to be consistent when we try to tackle too many issues at once.
  • Make sure the reward is something you can give. If parents can’t follow through with rewards it damages your relationships child learns there is no benefit in behaving well. 
  • Remember that rewards don’t need to cost money or revolve around food. 
  • Don’t give up if it doesn’t come quickly. You’re not going to get the hang of giving Effective Positive Rewards overnight. It may take a week or a month, but it will get easier over time if you’re consistent.
  • The samereward may not work for every child as every child has different things they value. It’s okay to give children different consequences for the same bad behavior.
  • Give yourself some slack. It’s may take some time to where giving effective rewards feesl natural. Praise yourself progress you are making, no matter how small!
  • When an Effective Positive Rewards is no longer working, switch it up using the five components.

Effective Positive Rewards are even more powerful when combined with the skills of Effective Negative Consequences.

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